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TLV lending library has moved, & an update

As reported in my last post, TLV’s library recently got the opportunity to move to a better, more secure location. As of yesterday, we are officially in our new location! Thank you very much to Lex Crump for helping out TREMENDOUSLY in this endeavor!! I literally couldn’t have done it without you, lady! :)

Now, there is still much work to be done as the library is mostly all in boxes and stacks still…and at least half of our inventory still hasn’t even been fully processed (tagged/pocketed/logged/etc)…But its very exciting to be in our new location!

I will continue to keep you updated on its progress. I have an awesome helper (THANK YOU LEX!!) that is helping me figure out how to best organize and shelve everything. Let me tell you, there are a LOT of wonderful things to be checked out! We have had no end to fantastic donations from local homeschooling families and teachers…We’ve only stopped soliciting items because we want to organize what we currently have before we add any more. So if you have items to donate…please hold on to them for us. When we are ready, we will start asking for donations again and you can help us continue to expand our library.

At this point, however, we do need more shelving units and plastic tubs (preferably with lids) in all sizes (especially large) to help organize our library. So if you have anything that you would like to offer, please contact me (Tina).

And by the end of the summer (that’s our goal) our library will be fully organized and back open for business. The plan is to fully process and organize and make presentable the entire library online so that it will be easily accessable and appealing to local families.

Once the library is presentable, we will be opening up for memberships again. As mentioned in a previous post, TLV has recently downsized to focus entirely on the library and build our center and membership from there. As such, when we open back up for memberships, we will be offering them at an incredibly low monthly fee to enable the most people to be able access our resources. We will essentially be cutting our fees in less than half of what we were charging before, and offering the option of a monthly automated Paypal subscription for those that wish to spread their payments across the year to make it easier to pay. So stay tuned for updates on this, as I think you will find that TLV will be very feasible for all local homeschool families wishing to be involved with us. :)

And if you’d like to get involved in helping TLV’s goals become a reality, please contact me, as we are definitely in need of more help!

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