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TLV has graduated!

TLV has been participating in the First 5 of Fresno Sustainability Project since last fall (once a month for an all-day workshop for 6 month, on how to efficiently run and sustain a nonprofit) and yesterday we graduated!!

I’ve just uploaded the final project, our Sustainability Plan, to the website here. Check it out to see the complete news on what’s been going on with us and what we have planned for the future! You can also view a brief summary of our plan in our video of the final Powerpoint presentation that I presented yesterday here.

We’ve also received our final stipend for participating in the project and look forward to deciding how to spend it! We are looking for suggestions of items that you would like to see in our lending library! Leave your comment here or email us and let us know your suggestions!

If you would like to join us in our mission, please give me a call at 260-6564 or drop me an email at president(at)fresnolearningvillage(dot)com, and let me know that you’d like to get involved!

We are a 3-mom board of directors currently and are looking to add more people to our team!

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