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Just deleted pages of users…and an update

Unfortunately, spammers make webmasters lives very difficult with all their garbage, so we have to stay on top of things. I haven’t been particularly good at this recently, as I have not been working on TLV lately. So today I went into the users list and saw pages and pages of most likely spammers. If you registered and are not a spammer, I apologize…but I’ve deleted all accounts that didn’t have a name registered or which I didn’t recognize the email. (A few friends I did recognize). So if you would like to be a registered user at this site and your user name was deleted…simply re-register….And to ensure that your account won’t be deleted again…simply fill in as much info in the form as you feel comfortable…at least your name. Spambots usually don’t take the time to fill out these fields, so if you put your name in your registration, I’ll know you’re most likely not a spammer. :)

I’ve also just installed a plugin that I hope will weed out spammers as they are registering from here on out. We’ll see how it works. :)

For more info on TLV…Stay tuned to any updates here…Nothing to tell right now as everything’s still on hold. The weather has only just this week finally gotten cooler, so I will very soon be working on the lending library again. (It was far too hot in the library to work on the books and such because its on the top floor and has windows all around and is just a sauna in the heat.)  As soon as I get things going on that front, I’ll update here.

Plans are still as stated previously…work on library, get that all ready for members to check out items…and then we’ll relaunch as simply a lending library at a very low rate and see where that takes us. Hopefully in the future, if we are able to get a following via our library, we will be able to re-launch activities again. Til then, we’ll focus on getting a fantastic lending library for local families to be able to check out a multitude of items to enhance their children’s home education. We still have money from First 5 that will enable us to purchase new items…but we are holding off until we get the library completely sorted out before making any purchases. So we can be sure what we have and what would be great additions to the library that the most people would be interested in. Feel free to leave your comments here if you have any suggestions for items you’d like to see in our library! :)

Also feel free to post any questions you have at any time. Or email me directly at president(at)fresnolearningvillage(dot)com.

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