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TLV is taking a new direction

A lot has happened since last I posted. We have struggled all along, but we’ve realized along the way that our local homeschool community just wasn’t interested in the reality of what we were trying to create. It requires a lot of community support and involvement, and we just weren’t getting that.


We get it. Homeschoolers are busy! Our lives are full enough just with homeschooling! So we “heard” what was being said to us….and we put it all to a screeching halt til we figured out what to do next.


THEN, I personally fell into a local homeschool charter program, Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center in Visalia and it was EVERYTHING I had envisioned with TLV! We spent all of 2011/12 school year driving the hour to Visalia twice a week to attend their enrichment classes and we LOVE LOVE LOVED it!!! It’s FABULOUS! But….its an hour away. And the gas money was really a drag. So when they started talking about a Fresno satellite, I jumped on board that wagon! And now my family and Beckie’s family (Beckie is the sole remaining board member for TLV…so TLV is currently just Beckie and I now!) are both attending the Fresno satellite of ERCLC! Very exciting! Can’t wait for enrichment classes to start on Sept 10! :)


Just recently Beckie and I have come to some new ideas…that are still pretty in-line with some of what we had envisioned for TLV.

Gone are the weekly classes (we have ERCLC for that now, and since I never was able to get anyone to jump on board to regularly help with those, I got burnt out from doing all the teaching of all the classes…that just was too much for me.) And soon the library will also be gone (again, not able to get a librarian to stay long-term…and neither Beckie nor I have it in us to run the library and the organization, so we have plans for the stuff that was donated…read on…)  BUT we will continue to work on field trips…and we are trying to figure out how to incorporate TLV into a fundraising co-op idea we’ve recently come up with. We’ll let you know when we get it all figured out.


Another thing in the works…we want to do a curriculum sale/swap (to sell the library items), which we would like to open up to the community to sell their own curriculum as well. Funds raised by the sale of TLV library items will go towards TLV ventures that we come up with as time goes on. We have a couple ideas, such as hosting a (small) secular Central Valley homeschool conference…getting a family outdoor school weekend planned…and lots of great field trips around the state!


So TLV is not entirely dead. We are just cooking up new ideas and taking it in a new direction. We’ll continue to keep you informed here. And feel free to email us at any time to ask any questions you might have.

Just deleted pages of users…and an update

Unfortunately, spammers make webmasters lives very difficult with all their garbage, so we have to stay on top of things. I haven’t been particularly good at this recently, as I have not been working on TLV lately. So today I went into the users list and saw pages and pages of most likely spammers. If you registered and are not a spammer, I apologize…but I’ve deleted all accounts that didn’t have a name registered or which I didn’t recognize the email. (A few friends I did recognize). So if you would like to be a registered user at this site and your user name was deleted…simply re-register….And to ensure that your account won’t be deleted again…simply fill in as much info in the form as you feel comfortable…at least your name. Spambots usually don’t take the time to fill out these fields, so if you put your name in your registration, I’ll know you’re most likely not a spammer. :)

I’ve also just installed a plugin that I hope will weed out spammers as they are registering from here on out. We’ll see how it works. :)

For more info on TLV…Stay tuned to any updates here…Nothing to tell right now as everything’s still on hold. The weather has only just this week finally gotten cooler, so I will very soon be working on the lending library again. (It was far too hot in the library to work on the books and such because its on the top floor and has windows all around and is just a sauna in the heat.)  As soon as I get things going on that front, I’ll update here.

Plans are still as stated previously…work on library, get that all ready for members to check out items…and then we’ll relaunch as simply a lending library at a very low rate and see where that takes us. Hopefully in the future, if we are able to get a following via our library, we will be able to re-launch activities again. Til then, we’ll focus on getting a fantastic lending library for local families to be able to check out a multitude of items to enhance their children’s home education. We still have money from First 5 that will enable us to purchase new items…but we are holding off until we get the library completely sorted out before making any purchases. So we can be sure what we have and what would be great additions to the library that the most people would be interested in. Feel free to leave your comments here if you have any suggestions for items you’d like to see in our library! :)

Also feel free to post any questions you have at any time. Or email me directly at president(at)fresnolearningvillage(dot)com.

TLV lending library has moved, & an update

As reported in my last post, TLV’s library recently got the opportunity to move to a better, more secure location. As of yesterday, we are officially in our new location! Thank you very much to Lex Crump for helping out TREMENDOUSLY in this endeavor!! I literally couldn’t have done it without you, lady! :)

Now, there is still much work to be done as the library is mostly all in boxes and stacks still…and at least half of our inventory still hasn’t even been fully processed (tagged/pocketed/logged/etc)…But its very exciting to be in our new location!

I will continue to keep you updated on its progress. I have an awesome helper (THANK YOU LEX!!) that is helping me figure out how to best organize and shelve everything. Let me tell you, there are a LOT of wonderful things to be checked out! We have had no end to fantastic donations from local homeschooling families and teachers…We’ve only stopped soliciting items because we want to organize what we currently have before we add any more. So if you have items to donate…please hold on to them for us. When we are ready, we will start asking for donations again and you can help us continue to expand our library.

At this point, however, we do need more shelving units and plastic tubs (preferably with lids) in all sizes (especially large) to help organize our library. So if you have anything that you would like to offer, please contact me (Tina).

And by the end of the summer (that’s our goal) our library will be fully organized and back open for business. The plan is to fully process and organize and make presentable the entire library online so that it will be easily accessable and appealing to local families.

Once the library is presentable, we will be opening up for memberships again. As mentioned in a previous post, TLV has recently downsized to focus entirely on the library and build our center and membership from there. As such, when we open back up for memberships, we will be offering them at an incredibly low monthly fee to enable the most people to be able access our resources. We will essentially be cutting our fees in less than half of what we were charging before, and offering the option of a monthly automated Paypal subscription for those that wish to spread their payments across the year to make it easier to pay. So stay tuned for updates on this, as I think you will find that TLV will be very feasible for all local homeschool families wishing to be involved with us. :)

And if you’d like to get involved in helping TLV’s goals become a reality, please contact me, as we are definitely in need of more help!

The lending library is moving…

Yesterday I was at The Discovery Center with my kids and was talking with TDC’s executive director about our lending library storage space. As many of you know, we’ve been renting space from TDC to store the items in our lending library of educational resources. Through a discussion of our needs as well as TDC’s needs, I decided to accept their offer of using the small office space they have at the top of their classroom building (the Johnston building, which is the building right next to the space capsule on their property at 1944 N. Winery).

This is a win-win situation as TDC has a need for more storage space on their office side of the street (which is where our lending library is currently located), and we have a need for a more indoors room, since the current space is sort of a mini-garage and has issues with accumulating dust/dirt and spiders.

By moving our library across the street, we will be within an indoor room (not so much dust/spiders) and the really big bonus is that the building is alarmed! Awhile back we had a break-in to our current space, which is not as secure, and some of our donated items were stolen and the remaining items ransacked a bit. So by moving across the street to the alarmed Johnston building, this will be much less likely to ever occur again. (Not that we have anything left that is worth the cash that a burglar would be interested in…but as we want to start adding bigger-ticket items soon, this is a very real concern in the future.)

So I will update here when we do get things moved over and the library is ready for visitors! This will be a big process, so it will be a little while, but it will be so much better for our purposes so I’m VERY excited about this! :)

TLV has graduated!

TLV has been participating in the First 5 of Fresno Sustainability Project since last fall (once a month for an all-day workshop for 6 month, on how to efficiently run and sustain a nonprofit) and yesterday we graduated!!

I’ve just uploaded the final project, our Sustainability Plan, to the website here. Check it out to see the complete news on what’s been going on with us and what we have planned for the future! You can also view a brief summary of our plan in our video of the final Powerpoint presentation that I presented yesterday here.

We’ve also received our final stipend for participating in the project and look forward to deciding how to spend it! We are looking for suggestions of items that you would like to see in our lending library! Leave your comment here or email us and let us know your suggestions!

If you would like to join us in our mission, please give me a call at 260-6564 or drop me an email at president(at)fresnolearningvillage(dot)com, and let me know that you’d like to get involved!

We are a 3-mom board of directors currently and are looking to add more people to our team!

Check out our new video!

TLV has been involved in the First 5 Sustainability Project since Fall 2010, where we have been learning all sorts of great info on how to successfully run and sustain a nonprofit.

As part of the final project for this series of workshops, a Powerpoint presentation is required, so in practicing the presentation, I have turned it into a video so that all of you can hear what it is that we have to say about our history and where we plan to go next. Check out the video here: or view it on the sidebar to the right, where I have uploaded it. You can press the “fullscreen” button to see the video better.

We’d love your feedback!

The Learning Village is changing!!


We’ve listened to your input and are in the process of making changes to The Learning Village.

Effective immediately, TLV will be focusing entirely on our lending library of educational resources.

We are working on better organizing the items we already have, getting the entire library online, and adding new items. This will take some time, but we are very excited by where this will take us!

We want to focus on our biggest asset, our library, because we already have so very many wonderful things in there thanks to YOU (all items currently in our library have been donated!) and we want to make it more easily viewable and available for families to access.

Once our library is fully cataloged and displayed, we will be changing our membership fees and relaunching TLV with a super fun Open House!

So stay tuned for more updates on this project, and what will come next…We plan to grow our membership before we launch ourselves into more activities again in the future. Our goal is to provide the sorts of items and activities that YOU, our local homeschoolers, want for your families. So please email me at president(at)fresnolearningvillage(dot)com if you have any suggestions or requests.

We hope by focusing on one project right now that we can better develop TLV into the resource center that we have always envisioned and that you will want to be a part of. :)

Spotlight on a lending library item

This is a charming introduction to 20 outdoor games with step-by-step instructions. Games include hopscotch and skipping games as well as old and new favourites such as "What's the time, Mr. Wolf", "Sardines", "Grumpy Frog" and "Fishy, fishy". All games are illustrated with the ever-popular models of Jo Litchfield. It is a sure-fire hit with nostalgic parents and guardians and a gorgeous gift to keep any young child entertained.
List Price: $11.99 USD
New From: $8.99 USD In Stock
Used from: $2.75 USD In Stock

This is a great book I just added to our online directory for TLV’s lending library. (note: Members of TLV may check out items from our lending library for free! But you must be a member to access this library.)  I have stacks of books from the library here in my home that I am working on adding to the online directory as I find time, and my 10yr old dug this one out of a stack and was looking at it, which drew my attention to it.

Wow, how fun! It has a good selection of a sampling of playground games for kids that are in a large board book format, with clay figures for really cute pictures.

Games include:

1. Monkey in the Middle (4 or more w/ball)
2. Sardines (4 or more)
3. Bouncing Games (1 player w/ball)
4. Grumpy Frog (4 or more players)
5. Three Jump Rope Games: Rock the Cradle (3 or more w/jumprope), Cancan (1 player w/jumprope), Salt & Mustard (4 or more players w/jumprope)
6. Fishy, Fishy, Fishy (7 or more players)
7. Human Chain (everyone on the playground)
8. Hopscotch (1 or more player w/chalk, small stone or beanbag, flat area of ground you can draw on)
9. Stuck in the Mud (4 or more players)
10. Simon Says (3 or more players)
11. Traffic Game (4 or more players)
12. Hula-Hoop (1 player w/hoop)
13. Marbles (2 or more players w/marbles)
14. What’s the Time Mr. Wolf? (4 or more players)
15. Crusts & Crumbs (7 or more players)

Check this book out to learn all these FUN games!!

If you missed Origami Club in Jan, come join us in Feb!

We are having a lot of fun learning new patterns and techniques and sharing and socializing with friends while we practice the ancient art of Japanese paper folding!

At January’s Origami Club meeting, we made bunnies and gnomes…

We hope you will consider joining us! You can read more info about the club here: and you can sign up for the Origami Club’s mailing list here:

New Origami Club webpage & info!

New year, new info and new activities!! I’m working on getting up all sorts of great new things on our website and on our calendar.

Please check out the first new page, which is info on our Origami Club, which will start up again this month, in just a couple weeks!

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